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How to begin using Screen Record Tab

  1. After you install ScreenRecordTab, you need to provide permissions inside Chrome to allow our product to access the microphone. We need the microphone access to ensure your voice is heard when you are making your recordings.
  2. After you accept the Microphone permissions, next you need to decide whether you are recording within a "Desktop View" or within the Google Chrome Tab.
  3. You'll notice that the recording has started when you see a "Red Dot" on the Chrome Tab you are currently in.
  4. Press "Stop" when you want to pause the video creation and then you can begin editing your video.
  5. Send the ScreenRecordTab video to your friends/colleagues once you have finished editting.

Free vs Premium

Free Version: Record up to 10 minutes per video with an embedded logo.

Premium Version: Unlimited recording length, no embedded logo for created videos.

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